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New Construction Electrical Work

New ConstructionUnlimited Electrical Solutions. LLC is a full service commercial electrical contractor in LA that provides a wide array of services for businesses across Louisiana. Whether you're a small business owner running a local shop or a major corporate owner getting ready to launch a multi-level highrise project, our new construction electrical work specialists offer complete wiring installation from start to finish. We work with reputable general contractors throughout during the electrical wiring phase of construction, and have a built a solid name as a first rate commercial electrician company that business owners trust.

Electrical Design & Networking

Commercial electrical installations are more about than just running a few wires and throwing up an electric panel. It requires strategic planning and creating a network that can accommodate all of the company's needs. So if you are a business that will be running high-end electronics and equipment, you need a electrician that understands exactly what type of wiring system will work for you. From design and networking all the way through to delivery of materials and complete installation we can help you with your brand new construction project through every phase. When the job is done you have a complete electrical wiring system that is ready for operation.

City & State Code Compliance

One of the benefits of working with Unlimited Electrical Solutions is that you get seasoned, fully-trained electricians who know how to protect your business and keep you compliant with Louisiana state codes and regulations for commercial wiring. As you know, codes are set in place in order to insure that everyone inside and around your building is safe and protected from disasters such as electrocution and fires. Each year these codes are updated in order to keep up with modern technology. Our entire team receives ongoing education and training and are committed to closely following codes when wiring your building in order to keep you from experience a hazard or stiff penalties from non-compliance. You can rely on our expertise when it comes to electrical work for new construction in LA.

New Construction Electrical Contractors

New building construction can be a hassle. With all the different facets of the project you have to deal with, the last thing you need is working with amateurs who only make the job worse. At Unlimited Electrical Solutions our goal is to provide you with a headache free experience while delivering results that exceed your expectations when you need new construction commercial electrical services in LA or the surrounding areas. We work closely with both the client and the general contractor in order to formulate a smooth process from beginning to end. We offer fast, efficient service, reliable work while meeting deadlines, and competitive rates.

If you need commercial electrical work completed for a new construction, please call 337-680-8108 or complete our online request form.

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