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electrician Arnaudville laUnlimited Electrical Solutions provide homeowners with first rate electrical work for any job in your home. We specializes in electrical repairs, panel and wiring upgrades, whole electrical remodeling, and even specialized services such as outdoor & security lighting. If you have an holder home that needs to be upgraded in order to meet current state codes and regulations, we can inspect your home and make sure that you're within code compliance. Contact us today and let us help you with all your electrical needs.

Electrical Repairs

When it come to wiring and electrical repair, it's always best to hire a Louisiana licensed and certified electrician. This insures that the work is performed accurately and safely while staying within Louisiana state guidelines. Electrical work is dangerous business where anything can go wrong. Our team of Electricians have decades of combined experience and can work on any type of wiring repair in any type of home. So whether you have a brand new system or older wiring, we're familiar with all electrical systems. We can hep you repair the outlets, light switches, panels, all major cables, and standard wiring throughout the home.

Electrical Inspections

Today's homes have completely different wiring systems than home 30-40 years ago. So if you have an older home and you have never had your Arnaudville electrical system inspected, you may be in violation of Louisiana state codes. Violations can end up in fines, fees, and mandatory upgrades. Code violations will also affect your insurance rates, or you may be dropped from your insurance all together. We provide a point by point thorough inspection of every component of your wiring in order to determine what changes need to be made to bring you up to code.

Electrical Service Upgrades

With all the modern electronics and appliances in your home, the need for more electrical power is evident. Otherwise, you'll suffer from flickering lights or a blown fuse whenever there's a surge. A new wiring or panel upgrade can solve this problem by effectively regulating the large of amount of electrical flow through your system. We can assess every component in your electrical network to see where the weaknesses are what upgrades need to be made. With a brand new panel, you are guaranteed improved power management and a less hazardous system that creates a safer environment in your home.

Arnaudville, LA

If you need a professional Louisiana electrician in Arnaudville, LA or any of the above service areas, please call 337-680-8108 or complete our online request form.

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