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GFI OutletsFrom three prong to GFI outlets in LA or any of the surrounding areas, when you want a truly rewarding experience when it comes to electrical repairs, contact Unlimited Electrical Solutions. We are Louisiana’s most trusted electricians in LA. With several decades of combined industry experience, we can fix all types of wiring and electrical outlets no matter how small or large the repair may be. Our service extends to both residential and commercial properties across Louisiana. We pride ourselves in delivering fast service, affordable rates, and high quality work that you can depend on every time. We insure that each of our clients are completely satisfied with no hassles or headaches. Next time you need electrical repairs or nearby, hire the team at Unlimited Electrical Solutions. You’ll Be glad you did.

What is a GFI Outlet?

Although many home or business owners may have GFI outlets in their homes, they may not recognize them or even know what they do or how they work. A ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI/GFI outlets (also known as receptacle) is a special type of outlet generally found in areas where water is often present and used on a regular basis. Such common areas include bathrooms, basements, utility rooms, or kitchens. You can recognize a GFI outlet by it’s red and black buttons which are used to reset or test the outlet in order to make sure it’s working properly. GFI outlets have become standard in all modern home construction.

How Does a GFI Outlet Work?

A GFI outlet works by monitoring the current running from the wall into any electronic device such a hair dryer or a toaster. If the current flowing to the electronic device is not even with the current returning from the device, then the current is leaking or moving toward a dangerous area such as water. The GFI outlet automatically cuts off the current and avoids possible disaster. This reduces or eliminates that possibility of electrocution by water. In order to re-engage the outlet, you’ll simply push the restart button which is generally the red button. Keep in mind, however, pushing the reset button will only work if the danger of electric shock has been removed.

Complete GFI Outlet Repairs

Your GFI outlets can break down in one of two ways. They can either stop working through damage, overheating, or other problems, or the cutoff will simply stop working. In either case, you now have a safety issue that has to be corrected. We offer complete GFI service that includes thorough and accurate inspections and full repair. In some case it may be a smarter decision to have your outlet replaced with a brand new outlet. With total repair from Unlimited Electrical Solutions, you can feel confident that your GFI outlet will be fully restored back to it’s new condition and that any room in your home or business will be safer once the job is done.

Certified & Professionals

One of the biggest mistakes that home or business owners make is attempting to fix their outlets themselves or hire an amateur to come in an do the job. There are several reasons why hiring a certified electrician from Unlimited Electrical Solutions is a wiser choice. Our team of electrical repair experts have extensive experience and training specifically in GFI outlets. Since we are state certified, this means we know all the city, state, and national codes regarding outlet installation, repair, and upgrades. Having a licensed professional to do the work also keeps your insurance rates low and gives you proper coverage in the event of a fire or other disaster. Don’t settle for less than the best for your home. Hire Unlimited Electrical Solutions today!

If you need in repairs or installation of GFI outlets in LA or the surrounding areas, please call 337-680-8108 or complete our online request form.

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