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Repairing & Installing Electrical Wiring

Electrical WiringAt Unlimited Electrical Solutions we are committed to providing each family with a safe home environment by offering a wide range of residential electrical services in LA and the nearby areas. We specialize in full or partial home wiring for any type of electrical system, old or new. So whether you're just building your home and need an electrical wiring installation or you need to have your home upgraded to safer, more contemporary electrical wiring, we can help you out every step of the way. With Unlimited Electrical Solutions you get the benefit of headache free work that you can depend on every time. Contact us and let us perform an on-site inspection of your home in order to determine your needs.

Electrical Wiring Installation: New Construction

If you are getting ready to build a brand new home, then let us help you with all of your electrical system needs. We regularly sub-contract out with reputable general contractors through the electrical installation phase of construction. Our service is comprehensive and covers every component and every step of the project. This includes full wiring, outlets, light switches, hooking to the main power source, interior, exterior, and underground routing, panels, and so much more. We can provide installation for any floor plan no matter how simple or complex.

Re-Wiring & Replacement Services

If you live in a home that is at least 30 years old or more, you may be suffering from worn or outdated wiring. This creates both an inefficient electrical system and an unsafe home environment. Let the pros at Unlimited Electrical Solutions inspect your home in order to assess the overall condition of your wiring, and then do a partial or whole restore on your electrical system. You'll notice a huge difference in the performance of your electricity with brand new wiring. Our rewiring service is fast and simple, our work is dependable, and our rates are very affordable.

Certified & Licensed for Electrical Wiring

Rewiring your home should only be performed by a well-trained, certified, and experienced electrician. Only a Louisiana state certified technician will know the current city, state, and national codes and regulations that govern electrical wiring for homes. This keeps your home up to date, helps you avoid needless, fines, and keeps your insurance rates low. Our entire team of electricians in LA receive ongoing training and education and have decades of combined residential electrical experience that helps us to guarantee both your satisfaction and also a safe environment throughout your home interior.

Complete Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Over the last few decades numerous problems have arisen with aluminum wiring. Examples including overheating, loose connections, and breaks in the lines. As fewer electricians use aluminum wiring, the need for upgrades in the home increases in order to keep up with modern technology. If you think you may have aluminum wiring in your home, then contact us for an evaluation. We can easy locate any areas where partial or whole aluminum wiring is located, and replace it with a more efficient and safer form of electrical wiring.

If you need repairs or installation of electrical wiring in LA or the surrounding areas, please call 337-680-8108 or complete our online request form.

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