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Honest Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical Safety InspectionsIf you own a home that is at least 30 years old or has recently suffered some type of damage, it's essential you get a thorough electrical safety inspection. At Unlimited Electrical Solutions we provide complete interior and exterior inspections that cover every single component of your home. You can feel confident that your assessment will be performed by Louisiana certified and licensed electricians who have extensive experience and training with all types of residential wiring systems. If there are issues with your electrical wiring, we'll identify them, give you an accurate and honest report, and help you with the right solutions that are specific to your home.

The Benefits of Electrical Safety Inspections

There are numerous benefits and advantages of hiring a Unlimited Electrical Solutions technician to perform a safety inspection in your home. At the top of the list is fire prevention. Electrical problem are the number one cause of residential fire damage in the U.S. alone. An inspection can identify possible hazards and prevent them before they happen. Wiring assessments also prevent electrocution from using small appliances and electronics that are connected to a faulty outlet. Inspections can keep your insurance rates low and your home's resale value high. And, last, they insure that your electrical system is operating as efficiently as possible which saves you money each month on your energy bill.

What Does an Electrical Safety Inspection Include?

In order to determine the value of a safety inspection, it's important to know just what will be inspected and what an experienced and trained electrician will be looking for. A proper electrical inspection will cover every point along the route of your wiring from the power lines attached to your property all the way to the last outlet or last switch. With that in mind here are few key areas that we inspect. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather, it showcases the highlights.

  • Panels - The panel may be the most important component in your electrical system. It is the hub of all electric flow that comes into your home. It both controls the amount of power that flows and also distributes it throughout each room, outlet, and light switch. In many cases an upgrade is necessary for an older, due to the amount of power required by modern technology.
  • Outlets and Light Switches - We inspect every single receptacle and light switch to make sure they are prime condition and operating at peak performance. We look for overheating or burned areas.
  • Wiring - The type and overall condition of the wiring is traced and assessed for breaks, tears, burns or overheating damage. We also check to make sure there is proper insulation and protection throughout.
  • Fuses - We check to make sure that all fuses are working, in condition, and the appropriate size in order to prevent a fire.
  • Codes and Requirements - We give you an overall assessment to make sure that your home is up to date with current city and state codes, and that it also meets the requirements of your insurance policy in order to avoid, fines, penalties, or an increase in your insurance coverage.
  • Pre-Sale or Pre-Purchase Report - If you are considering buying or selling a new home, a report can help you determine what needs to be done - if anything - prior to an agreement of selling or purchasing a home.

Why Choose Us for Electrical Safety Inspections

One of the biggest challenges in getting an electrical safety inspection is finding the right company to do it. At Unlimited Electrical Solutions we specialize in home electrical safety inspections. Our electricians in LA have decades of combined industry experience along with years of through training and education in all wiring systems both old and new. We are committed to the safety of your family and want to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with old worn out wiring. We work closely with each of our clients through every step of the safety inspection. You get the results that your looking for with an accurate report of every single component in your electrical system. Call our residential electrical services professionals today to learn more about what our electrical inspectors can do for you.

If you want honest electrical safety inspections in LA or the surrounding areas, please call 337-680-8108 or complete our online request form.

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