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electrical repairsRepairs and maintenance are a natural part of owning a home. So when you need electrical repairs in LA or the surrounding areas, contact the professionals at Unlimited Electrical Solutions. We specialize in residential repairs for electrical wiring, ceiling fans, lighting, outlets and GFCI electrical outlets. We also provide full inspections and troubleshooting in order to identify problems with your electrical systems. We are Louisiana licensed and certified electricians in LA, experienced in all areas of electrical work and can repair any type of system in your home. Contact us today and let us help you with your electrical issues.


electrical troubleshooting LATrying to locate and identify problems in your home's wiring can be a difficult task. If you have no experience with electrical wiring, it can also be a dangerous one. The best option is to hire a certified professional who can do the job right right and save you the hassle. Using the most advanced technology in the industry today, we can identify any damaged or worn out wiring anywhere in your home, and then take the necessary steps to restore your electrical system back to working like new. Don't take chances with an amateur when you can hire a professional. Let us help you find the weaknesses in your home's electricity.

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Lighting Repairs

Lighting Repairs LAEven the most advanced lighting systems need repairs from time to time. Light bulbs simply burn out and wiring and cables can go bad. Lighting in many homes can be difficult to reach and many problems are hard to solve. The technicians at Schlegel install and design hundreds of lights each year, so we know the inner workings of a light system. If you're having problems with your lights, we can fix them. We can run tests on your lighting equipment to find the issues and then repair them in a manner that is efficient and dependable. From standard to light switches all the way to intricate landscape lighting designs we do it all.

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Outlet Repairs

Outlet Repairs LAFaulty outlets are not only an inconvenience. They're highly dangerous. If you have a family with small children, then getting the outlets fix is extremely important. Most outlets become damaged as a result of bad wiring which can lead to fires or electrocution. It can also cause overload and blow out your appliances or electronics. All of these issues can be solved with a quick inspection followed by repairs. In some cases you may need to have your old outlets replaced by modern, safer, more efficient outlets. Don't let a bad outlet turn into a disaster for you or your family. Our residential electrical services team can repair and replace all damaged outlets in your home.

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GFCI Electrical Outlets

GFCI Electrical Outlets LAA GFCI - or ground fault circuit interrupter is an outlet that is designed to eliminate the potential for electric shock. GFCI outlets are now standard in most new homes. They can generally be found in areas where water is present such as the bathroom or kitchen. GFCI outlets work by shutting off when the potential for shock is detected. There are numerous scenarios in which a GFCI can help you avoid disaster. If you do not have GFCI outlets in water areas around your home. We can install these lifesaving devices and help you create a safer environment in your home.

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Ceiling Fan Repairs

Ceiling Fan Repairs LAIs your ceiling fan making weird noises? Is it swinging because it was installed incorrectly? Or maybe your ceiling fan just isn't working at all. Whatever the case may be, leave your ceiling fan repairs to our experts. Whether you need a ceiling fan repaired or replaced, we are the electrician you can rely on for prompt residential electrical services and optimum results. Our electricians know ceiling fans, inside and out, so you can rest assured we'll have your problem solved quickly and correctly.

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If you need electrical repairs, please call 337-680-8108 or complete our online request form.

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