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Ceiling Fan Repairs

ceiling fan repairsWhether it's hot or cold outside you depend on your ceiling fans on a daily basis. So when it's time to get your ceiling fans repaired, call on the professionals at Unlimited Electrical Solutions. We provide complete service on all types of ceiling fans for both residential and commercial properties across the Louisiana area. We repair and replace all brand names from all manufacturers. With Unlimited Electrical Solutions you can count on fast, friendly service and work you can depend on. Our rates are affordable for both home and business owners and stay within your budget. When the job is done your ceiling fan will be running like new once again. Call today to learn more about our electrical repair services, or to schedule ceiling fan repairs in LA or nearby.

Get Your Ceiling Fans Inspected

One of the most effective ways to avoid costly electrical repairs is to have your fans routinely inspected. We perform thorough inspections of all the components of your fan in order to determine if any repairs need to be done. An inspection will identify any parts that need to be replaced. It will also reveal if your ceiling fans need to be cleaned. At Unlimited Electrical Solutions all of our inspections are honest and accurate. We only restore what needs to be repaired and never overcharge you for any service we provide.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Why try to change your old ceiling fan yourself when you get help from professionals who can provide superior service with the results you're looking for? Our team of electricians at Unlimited Electrical Solutions can handle any ceiling fan replacement no matter how easy or complicated. Contact us today for an on-site evaluation of your home or business interior in order to determine your specific needs. We'll sit down with you, help you discover all the options available to you, and help you pick out the right ceiling fan for you. We can custom install your new ceiling fan according to your exact specifications. So whether you're looking for a small basic unit or a large commercial ceiling fan with multiple features, we can get the job done.

Your Source for Ceiling Fan Repairs

The key to giving your ceiling fans long life is regular care and maintenance. We offer complete maintenance that covers every component of your ceiling fan both inside and out. This includes inspecting the motor, lubrication of all moving parts, tightening all connections, assessing all the wiring to make sure it's in good condition, and, of course, checking the blades themselves. We replace or fix any damaged parts, and give your ceiling fan a full cleaning. We also give you recommendations on how to get the most out of your ceiling fan in order to insure that it is running efficiently.

Go With The Professionals

Half the battle of getting your ceiling fan repaired is finding a reputable electrician who can provide you with quality customer service while giving you the results you deserve as a client. Our entire team of electricians in LA are Louisiana certified, licensed and insured. The guarantees that we'll do the job right the first time without any of the hassle to you. We are dedicated to providing you with ceiling fan repairs and products that are safe, efficient, and affordable. Call us today and let us help you with all your ceiling fan needs.

If you need in ceiling fan repairs in LA or the surrounding areas, please call 337-680-8108 or complete our online request form.

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