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ElectricianUnlimited Electrical Solutions, LLC is a comprehensive electrical contracting company that offers full service for all residential and commercial properties in and the surrounding areas. Whether you own a small home or a large corporate business, we are the electrician qualified to do all types of work for various electrical systems. Our entire team of electricians are fully licensed and certified to do whatever work you need. We offer full wiring installations, system repairs, and can help you with your next home or business inspection. We also offer specialized services such as home generators, lighting solutions, surge protection and major upgrades.

Servicing All Electrical System Types

No matter how old or new your property is, our experienced technicians are highly trained in all types of residential and commercial wiring systems. We cover everything from copper and steel wiring to aluminum and knob & tube wiring. If you are unsure what type of wiring you have in your property, we offer full inspections that will help identify what type of system you have. If your electrical wiring is too old to keep up with modern electronics, we provide complete replacement all throughout your home or business. We can make recommendations on what type of wiring works best for you.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Whether you own a home or business it's vital to make sure the electricity is functioning properly both inside and out. This insures that your property is safe and that there's no chance of a fire other disaster. We offer a point by point inspection of your electrical system which includes all wiring, outlets and switches, panels, and other components. We can identify the weak areas and then tell what you need to do to bring your electrical equipment up to city and state codes. Safety Inspections prohibit damage from happening and also keep you from paying stiff fines. If you need an inspection for any reason, call us today!

Home Generators

Are high winds and electrical storms causing your power to go out? The solution is a quality home generator. We offer both portable and standby generators. Portable generators can be placed anywhere in your garage or backyard shed and can be pulled out and hooked up instantly in order to provide power for important household electronics or appliances. Standby generators are installed near your home and have numerous features that allow them to automatically turn on and power everything inside. Regardless of what type of generator you need, you can get it from Unlimited Electrical Solutions.

Quality Work You Can Count On

At Unlimited Electrical Solutions, we have built a solid reputation in the Louisiana area as a first rate electrical services company that you can depend on. We've worked with hundreds of home and business owners in order to help them with all installations, repairs, and inspections. We never take short cuts and perform every job with absolute precision and skill. We value our clients and work hard to earn your trust and your business. Don't settle for less than the best for your residential or commercial property. Contact your electrician at Unlimited Electrical Solutions, LLC today!

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